Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Business Ideas

There is no major reason why i blog..when ever i get bored and if i feel i am in the mood to vent out my ideas or frustration, i ll pick up my lappy and start writing.

It so happened few days back I started to think too much about the future and all and i came up with some ideas i want to work on.

1. How about having a google search in real life. we can obviously find a lot of stuff online with the help of google but what I am talking about is having it actually in real time. Suppose, i am 3o mins late to work and i couldn't remember where i felt my wallet and i do a google search and it helps me find where it is. It obviously sound impractical and not a Business idea but it appears like a great idea to me. :). The important questions is how do we do it.

Its absolutely impractical doing it for my personal things. Imagine the same thing in a place like wallmart of those gigantic shopping malls. I enter most of the retail stores just to get a tooth brush or a shaver. I almost end up searching the whole mall atleast store to get it. A location search might sound handy in those times.

Create a App for finding the right stuff in those smart phones based on the layout submitted by the retail stores.. People buy those apps and they can make their life easy finding the stuff they want.. but there is a catch. Most of the times, I end up buying many other stuff even though i go just for buying a soap or a tooth paste. After this app is put to use, i might skip buying those which was previously a result of lot of running around.

All in all, I don't think i am the first one to came up with this thought and most of them thought of it as a impractical idea and must have written it off. I will come up with some other idea soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

random Thoughts -2

I have been staring at my laptop screen for the last 15 mins just waiting for some one to buzz me or tweet me or facebook me (Wat do you call that these days anyway) ... and nothing happened. Absoultely nothing... nill... zero..void... YOU got the point.

There is just too much gap between me and my social contacts... alright..friends..!! But I didn't create that gap. One day i sat and tried to list down all the people i am in contact with and the list didnt go up above 30... that sucks..seriously..

As per one survey, people can only keep their fren circle at max to 150 it seems... and My case is much much worse than that. I have got to do something.. and first thing that comes to my mind is one good old truth I learnt.. "never dig up your past".. you just discover pain, wrath and invite unnecessary havoc in your life. It just gets worse.

I am starting to think about writing some articles for my MBA thing just to get my attention diverted... and I cant seem to concentrate on any topics.. may be i should just keep this blog away from the academic stuff...

Oh..some body just remembered me on gtalk... Off i go..!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Finally....got through the admission process and bagged an offer at HULT business school boston.

FT ranks the school at 94 this year... its not as bad as it sounds... you wont end up at Mckinsey after the degree for sure..but nevertheless... you ll get a chance to meet the best faculty one can offer.

As i hear the Alumni network isnt that great and career services division isnt something they are gonna boast... and even though they are making some good progress in that regard, i dont see much of a change happening in just one year. Many of the 2009 pass outs didnt end up with a job... and I most probably face the same music next year.. with recession mostly still in effect.

Am i nervous?. No .. I am excited. I want to face the challenge... I finally got the confidence that i can do it...and will do what ever it takes to bring some change to my life and lives of others..

I am going to join the program this September. wish me luck..!


I never thought I would say this... But i actually like this place and i m seriously considering to get back to this place to work after my MBA. There is just too much potential out here and there is a serious crunch of expertise in various industries.

If i can still consider me as a chemical engineer then i can very much get in to some of the petroleum industries in here. I wish i had made some local contacts around here.. i only a few guyz..and they are just amazing.

I believe most of the fellows in middle east are expected to be arrogant and rude..but the people out here are very warm and friendly. Exactly a month back i was dying to get out of this place...and now i just dont feel like going....

It's exactly the same as living in india and above that... u dont have to hear the dirty politics that happen around everyday... peaceful life... King's rule... awesome beaches...wonderful foood... and dont even get me started about the salaries they get for the kind of jobs they do..

Here we get paid for 14 months...for just 10 months of work. They get bonus..no matter what..!! thats insane..and even a normal software guy of my age..roams around in a carvette... other guy drives a BMW 5 series...

I can quite clearly say now...i m obsessed with this place...and it ll become a little difficult for me to let go of this wonderful memories..

PS: Hookah with a coffee on a beach side ..watching football on giant screen.... with phirangi chicks..!! Its just tooooo brilliant..!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

End of my sabbatical

Few Reasons why I took a break from blogs

1. Major reason was that i got bored of it.

2. I didn't get proper time out of my life to write about the stuff that has been happening around.

3. After few days , so much happened and i didn't know what to write about.

4. Finally i have decided to write how happy i am in muscat.

please visit soon.. i ll update you all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I am Legend.

Yes...Muscat daily, a daily newspaper here have published my photo .... oh yeah...you all thought they wouldn't...didn't ya .!! ... In fact, I never expected them to do it either.... but they did... and I saw myself for the first time on an international news paper... I only wish i had given him a better pose than this :(

yeah yeah....I know.... I ain't that photogenic..!! :(

Photo Shoot

Yeah...finally made some plan to go around and click some pictures... ..but ended up taking pictures from the balcony window... I m too lazy to go around and take pictures.... in fact there is nothing much to click here..

I wanted to test the camera in a broad day light...and I felt real good after looking at the clarity of the pics and the amazing 10x optical
zoom it has...

check out this picture...

well this one was taken from my balcony with the maximum zoom...quality got decreased because i crammed a 3.6 MB file to a 700 KB one .. upload speed is damn slow here.

check out the actual pic with the normal zoom ..
Yes you are right....you cant even see the cars from the 1st pic here in this picture....The 1st picture is the zoomed version of the traffic signal at the base of the clock tower u see here...the clarity of the zooom is damn good... If u want to take pictures of the people from a far far away place without getting caught...and u want that piece to come at a cheaper price and in a compact shape... trust me...blindly go for fujifilm F70 EXR.